I have been writing weekly articles for an online newspaper of my Italian's hometown since last October, then last February I decided to begin a blog in my native language: Italian. The blog is titled : Un'Alessandrina in America, since my hometown's name is Alessandria in the Italian region of Piemonte. The blog is a collection of all the articles I wrote for the newspaper, and , in addition, of posts about my life in the USA, as a mother, a teacher and most of all a curious human being!
Writing in Italian is easy for me, not so much in English, but since I am on summer vacation from teaching at the present, I am going to challenge myself and translate a few of my posts for my American friends and my students, who asked me to do so!
I hope you will enjoy them and sorry in advance for my mistakes: I know many times the temptation will be to write Italianish: English words with sentences built with Italian grammar's structure.